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Backup to a remote disk

When using the Backup to File option, the Juris Management Console can only create that backup file on the server machine.  If you would prefer to create the backup file in another location on your network, (what is known as a remote disk backup) then certain criteria must be met.

The changes required for remote disk backup are listed below.  This may involve making alterations to the rights of users to certain areas of your network.  Your system administrator should make these changes.

If using Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP Professional, the MSDE or SQL Server instance must be changed from Logon as Service to Logon as a Valid Domain User.  The “Valid Domain User” that you choose must be granted Logon as Service rights locally as well as given rights to the network share.

If using Windows 98 (MSDE only), the network location used to make backups must grant rights to the user who will be logged in on that machine (the Windows 98 machine).

Refer to your Microsoft documentation for details.