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Search for an account in the Chart of Accounts

The Finder in Juris may be used to search throughout Juris, but will be pre-populated with the appropriate defaults for searching only in Chart of Accounts when the steps below are used.

  1. Open Juris > Tables > Chart of Accounts.

  2. Open the Finder form by either of the following options:
    • From the Tools Menu click Find.
    • Use the keystroke shortcut Ctrl + F.
  3. Notice that the “Look In” field is pre-populated with the path “Juris\Tables\Chart of Accounts” and the “Search Subfolders” option is checked. If desired, place a checkmark beside the Case Sensitive option to narrow the search to only return results when the case used in the search is to be matched.
  4. Type all or a portion of the account number or description in Named field (items on the Code, Comparatives and Budgets tabs will not be searched).
  5. Press the Enter key to begin the search, or click the Find Now button.

  6. The results of the search will be displayed at the bottom of the form. Double-clicking on any item listed will open that item.  Selecting an item in the list and choosing Form > Delete will allow deletion of that item as long as it is not in active use.
  7. Click the New Search button to clear the current search criteria and results so a new search may be performed, if desired.