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ODBC and custom reporting overview

ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) is a standard database access method developed by Microsoft Corporation. The goal of ODBC is to make it possible to access any data from any application, regardless of which database management system is handling the data.

Juris Software is fully ODBC compliant, which allows users the freedom to connect to their Juris data from any other ODBC-compliant software, such as Access and Excel.  Once connected, the user has the power to create custom reporting from the data contained in Juris.


Due to the complexity of transactions performed by the Juris system, the ODBC link described here only allows READ-ONLY access to the database.  This means that the user may extract information from the database for reporting, but they may not write to the Juris database tables. Certain ODBC-compliant software, like SQL Enterprise Manager,  will allow direct access to the Juris table.  However, if any attempt is made to write to any field in the database, Juris locks down the entire system, and will not allow any user access to Juris until it has been restored from an unadulterated backup.

To set up an ODBC link to Juris, the following steps must be made:


In order to create queries, forms and reports, a basic knowledge of database tables and linking tables is required.  Also, advanced knowledge of Access or Excel would be helpful.  These concepts are common to database software, and there are many books and courses available nationwide on these topics.  However, Juris offers coaching services as well as Webinars on these topics.