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The Past Due tab provides defaults for setting interest in PCLaw and for customizing past due notices.

System Settings allows for interest criteria to be set for matters created from this period forward. Previously existing A/R balances are not affected by changes on the Past Due Notices tab, nor are new invoices created for preexisting matters.

TIP Deselecting Calculate Interest on Invoices in System Settings overrides individual matter and invoice settings. So although Apply Interest may be selected on the Billing tab of Matter Manager, interest is not calculated.

Use the Options area to select the past due notice template and billing method. Add, change, copy, or remove phrasing that appears on past due notices.


  1. To enable interest, select Calculate Interest on Invoices.

    The As Of section becomes active.

    To accumulate interest starting from the A/R date, select Invoice Date.

    To accumulate interest after the expiration of the grace period, select End of Grace Period.

  2. To set the default interest rate, select Set at Billing.

    The Default Rate box becomes available.

    In the Default Rate box, type the yearly rate.

    Unless a matter is set to a specific rate, the matter uses the Default Rate.

  3. For more advanced interest calculation, select Use Rate Table.

    The Set Rates button becomes available

    To set interest rates according to historical dates, click Set Rates.

    The Interest Rates with Effective Dates window appears:

  4. To set the length of the grace period, type in the number of days in the Days box.
  5. For simple or compounding interest, select your preference under Compound Frequency.

    For example, if Semi-Annually is selected, PCLaw charges interest on the accumulated interest after six months.

  6. To select additional past due settings, go to the area.
  7. To select additional system settings, click the associated tab.
  8. To save your selections, click OK.

    You are returned to the PCLaw desktop.

Options Area

  1. For all matters of one client to appear on the same notice, select All Matters for Client on One Notice.

    When this option is deselected, each matter will appear on a separate notice.

    To assign a default past due notice template for matters created from this day forward, in the Default

    Template box, type or select the template.

  2. To create phrases for the past due notices age categories, click Customize.
  3. To select additional banking settings, go to the area.
  4. To select additional system settings, click the associated tab.
  5. To save your selections, click OK.

    You are returned to the PCLaw desktop.