Success Stories

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“I really liked the success assessment process because it helped us see gaps in how we were using PCLaw. It helped me simplify things a lot and made it easier for us to track how we’re performing. We’re streamlining our reports processes as a result. The conflict search is really helpful because we have so much data from the years it’s hard for us to know who we’ve helped in the past that might interfere with what we’re doing. We’ve got years and years of data. It is a wonderful system—we don’t even use everything we want to use yet!”

Melissa Zeller
Dier, Osborn & Cox, PC, LLO

“Having participated in the LexisNexis Thrive Program, I have been provided with instructions that have helped me be more efficient with our software. I have successfully built in triggers that I use specific to my job. I have also implemented a series of document templates so everyone can use those to begin their documents right from Time Matters.”

Kathy Carboni
Levy, Leff & DeFrank, PC

“It’s a comfort to know the Thrive Program exists. It is kind of a safety net. I have been provided documentation to help me in being successful with PCLaw. I say, keep the great information coming!”

Jan Scott, Attorney
Anderson, Smith, Null & Stofer, LLP

“This is the best way to learn the program and see where our entire staff had knowledge gaps, and correct them. We’re finally bringing Time Matters up to what it’s capable of, and operating at a much more efficient level. We’re able to reduce our wasted time and work with a lot less stress than before.”

Michele McCole
Maggs & McDermott, LLC

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